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1906 Bing spirit engine vapouriser how?

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1906 Bing spirit engine vapouriser how?

Post by benz on Wed Nov 18 2009, 13:33

I've had this lovely little Bing four stroke hot tube spirit engine in my possession for quite some time now and thought it's time to make some steps into it's restoration.
I need to know how the spirit vapouriser works? Is it similar to the Daimler/Benz type of vapourisers for Petrol(Gasoline), this is when the air intake draws air through the vapouriser bubbling it up through the petrol so forming a gas?
Is spirit basically Methylated Spirit?
I hope this interests someone into giving me an answer!!

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: 1906 Bing spirit engine vapouriser how?

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 19 2009, 09:39

Hi Mike

I'd have thought that the spirit would be some derivative of methylated spirit or some basic hydrocarbon like methanol or some other crude distillate, its unlikely to be anything highly extravagent, otherwise the engien would have cost too much to run,



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