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not been on lately

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not been on lately

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 23 2009, 09:03

Hi Chaps, and all

I must make my apologies for not being online much these past couple of weeks, but i've unfortunately been ill with sickness and flu, though fortunately for me, not the dreaded swine flu or H5N1.

on a brighter note, the monthly trip to the machine sales at york this past wednesday has produced a new find, whilst following the auction round i came across a EDECO low flow-high pressure pumping set, powered by a Petter PAZ1 diesel.

bidding was sluggish, so i joined in the fun and won the final bid for it at what i thought was a very reasonable £45. closer inspection revealed a seized decompressor and a seized fuel pump rack, amongst other things, plus a broken off fuel filter, caused presumably by the telehandler that put the pump there.

anyways, upon loading the pump into the trailer, we were approached by a chap (probably the ex owner) who informed us the engine was a good runner and that the manual and tech drawings for the pump were in the office, which they duly were.

the manual and details were in immaculate order except for where some clot had writted the auction number onto the front of the book, thereby devaluing it by a significant amount.

despite the rain on saturday, i had a good look over the engine, with its number revealing it to be a very very early example (probably one of the first 1000 made), with the large flywheel and fully encapsulating cowlings. knowing there would be little point in trying to start it without sorting the filter, that became my first port of call, the filter fitted was not original, though it was of the same standard as would normally be fitted, so it was removed and an AC fuel filter added in its place. the rocker cover was next, i took this off and set to to free off the decompressor, which duly submitted to a hammer and anti seize spray.

the pump rack oviously required a more delicate aproach, which entailed a good spray of anti seize, and a very gentle, and very square tap on the stop knob, and the rack began to move, once the toothed rack was exposed, oil was applied and the pump was soon moving freely.

with this achieved, preparation was made for starting the engine, but the first step of filling with diesel was brought to an abrupt halt when i found the tank full of sludge Crying or Very sad anyways, i took the tank off, which on a paz is dead easy, and dropped and handful of stones in, then half a pint of dirty diesel, put the lid on and shook for england. poured it all out ten minutes later and revealed a reasonably clean tank (when the lates set up, i'll repeat this with nails to polish the inside).

clean fuel was then applied, and the system was bled through. i took the outlet pipe off the pump to initially reveal nothing at all, but removal of the delivery valve showed a steady pumping action, and when refitted, the pump was pumping diesel, albeit not brilliantly. so on this note an attempt was made to start it, unfortunately nothing happened, and even with a brief shot of ether, the engine still wouldnt fire, so obviously the next step is to look at the pump and injector more closely.

Paul Cool


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Post by Guest on Mon Nov 30 2009, 08:28

with a brief interlude in an almost constant deluge of rain over the past month or so, i decided saturday would be a chance to get some stuff done on the garden, so the two obvious challenges were- sorting out the ruston powered generator, and getting the PAZ1 running, the Ruston was the first target.

i'd built the sliding base for the generator (which is an indian built example, 3kva) some time ago, so for its part i had to just screw it down to the ex-railway sleepers (legitimately acquired) that the whole set, and the other ruston are attached to. the bolts themselves are M10 x 6" 17mm hex headed woodscrews, metric bolts with an extremely coarse thread on (around 3mm pitch), they need at least a 1/4" drill through their entire depth or a 1.5" 10mm shoulder drilling otherwise you'll either snap the bolt, or bust your ratchet, as its extremely hard work, in fact these bolts are so tight, we've held the rustons down with them, 6 apiece!

the next headache had been getting the right pulley, to run off the outside of the Rustons 20" GPO flywheels, at a calculated speed of 750rpm (for optimal economy) we'd need a 250mm (10") double groove SPA V pulley, which of course, we didnt have, neither did we have the 28mm taperlock bush for the centre.

after some head scratching, i came across a supplier on tinternet called Bearingboys, who provided the right pulley and taperlock, delivered for £35, remarkable value, as it turned out the bush was damaged, but they happily provided a replacement, free of charge (i in the meantime had sourced a Fenner bush elsewhere, so their bush is being kept as spare)

we then had to find belts, in the last couple of months we've bought two pallet loads of belts from york, all asorted sizes, of the types found on agricultural machnes like combines. we found the perfect belt 13x8x2159mm, only trouble was, we only found one, happily, bearingboys again came to the rescue with a pair of belts of that size for £12, bargin.

with all this done, we clagged the lot together on saturday and wired it into the previously manufactured wiring system, and after a lot of furious swinging, the engine fired and as it picked up, the lights came on! yey!

the generator was tacho tested, and was running ad 1510, so the engine was slowed down to 745 and 1500rpm was achieved, and a nice steady 243/4 volts was produced, which we're pretty happy with. The set run for 5 hours on saturday and 3 hours on sunday and used approximately 1 gallon of fuel, 8 hours to the gallon at 3kva is pretty impressive, especially compared to the 2.5gallons that the petrol set would have used to produce 2.5kva.

with the ruston purring (very quietly) in the background, i decided to have another look at the paz, it wasnt firing before so obviously fuel was the issue, however the pump had been pumping merrily away the previous week, so i went downstream of this to the injector, which after soem persuation came out of its pocket, and i soon found it chocked with carbon, and not in any state to provide a meaningful spray of diesel to the engine, so i cleaned it and the cooling fins thoroughly and cleared out the pocket, dabbed everything with a thin smear of grease and tested it on the fuel pump before reassembley, with a nice spray of fuel being accomplished Very Happy

upon reassembley an attempt was made at at starting the engine, smoke was being produced this time but still no ignition. i put soem il down the inlet and tried again, still nothing, then a dash of ezistart was used whilst dad cranked, unfortunatly by this time the oil had got down the inlet and into the engine, and just as the ezistart ignitied, the engine locked up under oil compression and backfired, good job dad had listen for once about where his thumb should be on the handle!!!

building up more speed before droppign the decompressor meant that i could get it past the oil lock, and the engine clapped and banged its was into life with huge great clouds of black smoke, this dispersed quite quickly and the engine run cleaner than any other PAZ1 i've seen. Very Happy

the pumps the next bit to check



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