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Lister D 1Hp with Wrong flywheel

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Lister D 1Hp with Wrong flywheel

Post by Statman on Sat Dec 12 2009, 19:53

Hi Guys!!

Bit of a silly question really!!

I know of a Lister D 1Hp 500Rpm working and everything but i was told by a forum member and also a friend of mine they have a 14" Flywheel but this one has got a standard 12" flywheel also they S/N's dont match

Does it really matter that it has different flywheels


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Re: Lister D 1Hp with Wrong flywheel

Post by Lister John on Sat Dec 12 2009, 21:08

It all depends on you or whoever buys it!

I would guess that due to having a smaller flywheel it would have ever so slightly less torque. (Probably Minimal)

I thought you didnt want it though! What you like lol! lol!
Lister John
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Re: Lister D 1Hp with Wrong flywheel

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 16 2009, 13:02

its okay mr Ross you can mention my name in your threads hehehehehe

the only time it will matter is if the engine runs lumpy, and if the engine year, spec and parts dont match, which in a serious collector, would be cause for some nagging, and probably result in an engine rebuild.

you need to check what parts should be fitted to your engine against the spec list, which you can get from "the lister D story" by D. W. Edgington, or from stationary engine . net



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Re: Lister D 1Hp with Wrong flywheel

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