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Making a Petrol Tank?

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Making a Petrol Tank?

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 03 2010, 22:14

Going to look at building a petrol tank out of possibly copper and soldering the seams, of course the tank would be sealed with something before use
The orginal has a in built in tap, which i have a idea for but will probley leave out,

I after tips for supplies, irons etc. i will make a patern 1st to work out how much i need.

oh and ideas for a petrol cap was thining on the lins of a snug fit brass type like in a 6PB tank?

Cheers Steve


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i may have a very large spare villers tank

Post by RAB on Mon Jan 04 2010, 04:00

if its any use to you Very Happy

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Its got to fit a tight space

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 04 2010, 09:11

Its either got to be a orginal or custom made will need to fit in nicely.

Cheers for the offer



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Re: Making a Petrol Tank?

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