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Welders wanted

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Welders wanted

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 10 2010, 21:24

Hi all,

Are there any time served welders on the forum who could pass some bits and pieces to all of us who can put pieces of metal together.



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Re: Welders wanted

Post by piston power on Sun Sep 26 2010, 10:42

Welding is like riding a bike it takes practice to get it right, But once you learn you don't forget.

What type of welding is it you want to learn?

Mig requires more skill and time to get it right it's much easier i found with the 3 phase machines rather than the single.

Stick welding or Arc welding this is the most common diy welders found go for something of about 125 amp or above as the 90 is of not much use, remember you can't turn it up if it aint there but you can turn it down!

Practice clean the 2x metals with a wire brush or angle grinder and clamp earth and have a go,better still do a course or watch you tube videos.

Oxyacetaline 2x bottles gas and oxygen you can weld,cut,braze with these very usefull & many have the small kits you don't have to buy the full size bottles.

Which are you into? Tony.

piston power
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Born to be wild

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