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Cooper/Stover YC throttle-governed

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Cooper/Stover YC throttle-governed

Post by Triumphline on Fri Aug 21 2009, 01:21

Hi Stu. My Cooper/Stover is an American built engine and it most likely came out of a shearing shed. I don't know if Australia had more big engines sold here or more have survived than in the US or the UK. The scrap metal drives in the two wars did not really thin out the engines too much here due to the vast distances. It was just not economical or feasable to drag something for many, many miles for just a few hundred kilos of scrap iron.
Possibly engines purchased here may have been bigger than needed but through most of the 19th and 20th century the farming community (by far the biggest purchasers of engines here) were doing very well so a lot of expensive engines were sold here.
Collectors here also tend to have a bit more room at home than over in the UK so owning a number of big engines is not unusual. Most collectors here seem to have at least 10-20 engines.


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