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acto mower 28" villier mk 25

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acto mower 28" villier mk 25

Post by rustyreks on Tue Oct 05 2010, 05:44

I have just come in from fixing my acto mower i just welded up some damage to the bottom bar and blade i really wanted to try it out but found there was no spark so tested the coil and found the condenser had packed up murphys law i guess they dont last for ever only lasted 57years not bad any way i removed the engine and cleaned out all the dust and grass made up a new spark plug lead as the old one was perished i cut the old condenser wire and attached a car condenser to the back plate of the flywheel and drill a hole and connected the wire to the coil at the bottom reassembled and it fired up straight away took most of the day to get all that done with the repair done to the bottom bar its is cutting much better so worth the extra effort might take up outdoor bowls since the lawns look good rustyreks

I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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