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Flywheel removal

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Flywheel removal

Post by Chippie on Sun Mar 20 2011, 08:46

Petter A1, how doees one remove the gib key and then the flywheel?

I've heard some tales of woe where the flywheel has been damaged during removal..

What is the best technique to achieve this without damage?


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Born to be wild

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Re: Flywheel removal

Post by JONESEY on Sun Mar 20 2011, 10:01

First thing clean as much as possible round the gib key and the crank shaft.
If poss use WD 40 or simular stuff and leave for a few days to work in ,every time your passing give it a squirt.
Make yourself a wedge shape of steel, I have chissels ground down in different sizes
Tap them in gently to see if you get any movement, if not leave under pressure over night then try again in the mornning.
If you break the head off the gib key the only thing to do is drill it out ,not really a problem we can cover that if it happens.
Thats my way off doing it Lets see how other lads and lassies do it.
Jonesey Smile

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