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Jap 2 govener weights.

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Jap 2 govener weights.

Post by stationary stu on Mon Apr 11 2011, 18:46

Whilst cleaning out the sludge in the sump I found a govener weight, it's slapped of the lip on the crank. It's damaged so I can't do anything with it, the question is will the engine still run ok with just the 3 weights that's still in position? They still move ok and operate the rod to the carb. It's not as if the engine will be used for hard work or rev'ed hard. What do the experts think?

stationary stu
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Re: Jap 2 govener weights.

Post by mike d on Mon Apr 11 2011, 23:21

if its still got 3 left i see no reason why not,but im guessing that it had 4 of them for a reason,but like you said its not going to be working hard...the only thing is to give it a try and see what happens,but be ready to cut the engine off quick if it gets out of control and runs to fast....my wolseley WD1 broke one of the governor weights,that made a load of noise,when i took the door off i found one was missing,it was like yours in the oil....all sorted now and waiting for me to put it back together....good luck with it mate.....

mike d
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