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Info wanted on a MAG genny

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Info wanted on a MAG genny

Post by TRDave on Wed Aug 10 2011, 19:38

Hey. I picked up an old MAG Generator at an auction. Didn't know anything about it but the price was too low to let it go. When I got it home I changed the fuel and started it up and it runs like a dream. I've looked around on the web for some info on it but havn't found anything. I was hoping someone here might have some information regarding age and rarity and such.

The plate on the engine reads:-
MAG Motosachoche SA Geneva
Type -1017 SLR X G 80 A
Moteur No. - 14765
Cylindree - 169
Alesage - 62
Regime - 3100
Course - 56

There is also a second plate on the genny itself that says "Markon Engineering Company Ltd, Oakham Rutland England" and "Type - uc19d" and then give some output info.
Then there is a third plate on the electrical box that says "Manufactured in Ireland by Standfast Engineering Company Ltd".

I'll include a pic at the bottom and any info you can give would be much appreciated!


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Re: Info wanted on a MAG genny

Post by matt86 on Wed Aug 10 2011, 21:33

mag engines are not rare at all i have worked on quite a few and the ones i have worked on are still in daily use on the ransomes cylinder mowers . but these mowers are older than me and im 24 . the council just wanted to keep hold of these beautys lol

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