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Villiers clutches?

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Villiers clutches?

Post by harry76 on Mon Sep 05 2011, 00:05

GDay all. I have a number of 98cc Villiers engines from reel mowers. I bought them with the intention of using them on motorized bikes (thread is posted in pride and joy) and have built one already using a hand style tensioner clutch. I was wondering if you are aware of centrifugal clutches that work with this engine. Ive found it hard to get info on these engines (which is why im here) being from Australia but have read these engines make 1HP @ 2700rpm, is that right? And if so it means a normal centrifugal clutch wont work, do you guys know of a solution? Im guessing the clutch on the mower wouldnt be strong enough???????

Anyway heres some pics....

I have 2 of these and know them as 98cc Villiers "slanthead version" and my favourite

and i have 2 of these ones also

Heres the clutch setup i made for the first Villiers bike, but id like to try and use a centrifugal clutch if possible

And heres the first Villiers bike

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Born to be wild

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Re: Villiers clutches?

Post by stationary stu on Mon Sep 05 2011, 09:22

That bike is sure something! Sorry I've had nothing to do with Villiers engines with a clutch.

stationary stu
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