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Lister D or DK?

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Lister D or DK?

Post by Mattk on Thu Nov 24 2011, 23:12

I have recently been given a Lister D although my uncle says it is a DK. The only part on it that suggests its a DK is that it has a vaporiser on it with the exhaust on the left and the carb on the right. The fuel tank is non genuine and there is not a second fuel tank or any pipework to go with it. Also, as it is currently stripped down, the piston has a crown top and not not flat.

As I want to restore this engine, I obviously want to get it right. I believe that it came off a cement mixer but have nothing to back this up!

Engine No. 1/33209
Spec 28DH
HP 1.5
RPM 700

If anyone can help I would be very grateful.


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Re: Lister D or DK?

Post by mike d on Fri Nov 25 2011, 11:12

hi Matt...
if you write to MR David edgington he will give you all the info on the engine,send a stamped address envelope,then it will come back to you will all you need to know.ask him if it was a DK when it left the factory etc...
he has all the Lister records and will send the info back quite quickly,he knows a lot about the LISTERS....
his address is as follows...

David Edgington
Lodge Wood Farm,
BA13 4LA

hope this helps you..
mike d
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Re: Lister D or DK?

Post by billypurves on Fri Nov 25 2011, 12:10

If the engine still has its tag on the crankcase door it will tell you there. Sounds more like a conversion to me though.
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A credit to the forum

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Re: Lister D or DK?

Post by Foden on Fri Nov 25 2011, 12:21

Mine is a conversion as well Matt, if the engine was converted after it had been sold then it was normally a matter of the owner fitting an extra head gasket and the tank, vapouriser etc, but it was rare for the spec plate to be altered (unless Lister's themselves did the conversion) as folk just wanted to get the thing working! Laughing Blackstones converted D types for their elevators etc, but the fitters never bothered restamping the spec plates so just accept that it is what it is and have a search on the net etc for the missing tank and enjoy it. Wink


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Re: Lister D or DK?

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