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Lister LR1. help Please.?

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Lister LR1. help Please.?

Post by Sir Clip on Tue May 08 2012, 11:48

I have a ex-cement mixer engine that came with a funny dip stick. No, seriously I need to know the proper length ?. It looks a bit bashed about and bent and like it has been cut or re-marked using a chisel as the photo shows. What I would like to know from someone with the same engine is what length it should be for a 1958 LR 1 Lister? Question This one is 4 1/4" from underside of painted top to tip.
I have attached a photo of it (on the right) And one of the crank case side to show that it fits into a upstanding collar.
I have tried to make a comparison with the one on the left which is off a SL 1 that does not have the upstand on the crank case. The engine in question is now driving a 110v/240v altinator. Chris.

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Re: Lister LR1. help Please.?

Post by stationary stu on Tue May 08 2012, 14:38

Chris it was common on plant equipment to have things like dip sticks, oil filler caps etc lost/stolen. So that it had one and the oil could be still check it was a case of oh that fits it will do and a guess of the level was marked on the stick.(been there done that got the t-shirt as they say) If no one can help you then it might be a case of getting the engine oil capacities from the manual and marking the dip stick yourself. I only have one Lister diesel but that's along in the lock up but can remember which one it is, I think the model is the SR so don't know if it will be the same.


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