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Petter A1 engine

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Petter A1 engine

Post by Rixy on Wed Jul 04 2012, 07:50

Smile hello engine fan`s

am looking for a little help and guidence really im working on a Petter A1 1951 engine ..... its not been started for a gd few years bak in the days when engines use to run the generators for eletric ..... was about the last time it was running .... now its got a load of compression ..... engine turnes freely i`ve changed the plug tested the lead , cleaned the points .... stripped and cleaned the carb and its all bak together now an i tryed to start it the other nite ...... and all i seem to get is a black fire through the air in take and it becomes wet with fuel .....

my question really is : Is this normall or is there something that needs a lil tweeking ??
Also i have now got a operations manual for the engines and in the pics it shows an air filter body an oil bath type does my engine need 1 of them ??

many thanks rixy


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Re: Petter A1 engine

Post by kevjhnsn on Wed Jul 04 2012, 13:04

ive seen plenty on the rally scene, and also have one myself,
and they all will run without the airfilters on fine
you just need to tweek the carb fuel jets in a bit leaner by the sounds of your discription mate
sounds like getting to much fuel in her


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Re: Petter A1 engine

Post by DanBoy on Thu Jul 05 2012, 08:27

I agree with Kev. Sounds like the carb needs a tweak. I usually pour a bit of petrol directly into the cylinder as well on mine if it hasn't been started for a while, just as a bit of encouragement... Wink

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Re: Petter A1 engine

Post by stationary stu on Thu Jul 05 2012, 10:33

I've a Petter A and A1 the A starts no problem but the A1 can be a swine to start but once running no problems so it's just a case of going through everything and check it out start with the carb, strip down and clean and see how it goes after that. Not many engines have the original air filter, just try and get some fine wire gauze (the type used in car body repairs is good) and put it over the end and fix it on with a hose clip.


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stationary stu
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Re: Petter A1 engine

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