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which oil in my jap

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which oil in my jap

Post by brandon2196 on Tue Aug 07 2012, 21:59

Will it be ok to put morris lubricants golden film SAE 30 engine oil in my Jap model 2s?


I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Re: which oil in my jap

Post by Ianhw77k on Wed Aug 08 2012, 07:14

It will be OK to put pretty much any engine oil in your JAP, as long as it has oil in it. Seems a bit expensive to me but if you like to treat your engine then go ahead.
You can get very good sae30 engine oils from your local lawn mower shop as well, probably a lot cheaper.

A credit to the forum
A credit to the forum

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Re: which oil in my jap

Post by stationary stu on Wed Aug 08 2012, 10:25

Brandon which oil is a big argument amongst engine men whether to use as you say Morris SAE30 or Tesco 20/50 or any cheap oil. The answer is it's up to you, no one can fault using a good oil but there again no one can fault a cheap oil for what we use our engines for and the length of time there run. I see your 15 well if I were in your shoes I'd put cheap oil in and save the rest of your money and put it towards your next engine. If you have a look around the forum there's a few posts on which oil to use read them and make your own decision.
Can I add it's good to have you on the forum we like to see young blood coming into stationary engines, you'll have to give us a bit of a write up about yourself, what/who got you interested, what engine/s you have what you'd like.


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stationary stu
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Re: which oil in my jap

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