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New Lister D

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New Lister D

Post by The Lister Man on Wed Aug 22 2012, 20:26

Hi guys

i just got a Lister d of ebay for £56.

It,s in a ok condition and has been on longleat estate all it,s life.

It was off a old cement mixer which was scraped bounce

Shame really.
Im going to restore it. It will be my first restoration project so i might be needing some help
I will put some pictures on tomorrow

Cheers cheers

The Lister Man
Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: New Lister D

Post by stationary stu on Thu Aug 23 2012, 15:12

Nice one Luke and at a good price, it should make a good project for you, the Lister D's are a good starter engine for someone new to stationary engines. Looking forward to seeing some pics but just a note that you may have problem getting your pictures to show with being a new member, I'll post the link on how to post them or it may be easier to use photo bucket and if all else fails send them to any of the admin and we'll post them for you. If you get the engine number off the brass plate someone will be able to tell you the date the engines was made and you can make up an information board to put with your engine when you start to show it.



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stationary stu
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Re: New Lister D

Post by Biggsy on Mon Aug 27 2012, 11:12

welcome and good luck with the resto, looking forward to some pics, my first resto...a lister d is in pieces at the moment, just put 2nd coat of engine enamel onto main block and bits, so going to start rebuild soon cheers

when i picked my 'd' up from a farm it had not run for years, about 2hrs fiddlin and she started, if you try to start yours and have any issues, please post and i will try to pass tips i have learnt so far, there are some great members here and i have had lots of help

good luck


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Re: New Lister D

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