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Lister d Mag help needed.

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Re: Lister d Mag help needed.

Post by stationary stu on Wed Sep 19 2012, 10:42

Can I go back to what someone said a short time ago about setting the plug gap at 15thou helps the mag. Well this weekend gone I checked the plug on my Bradford and it was way out so I set it to 15 thou and it ran great all day. The twist in the tail is while I was doing this an old guy stopped and asked what gap I was setting the plug at. I told him I was going to try setting at 15thou to see how it ran, well it worked out this guy had a Bradford some years ago and it would cut out after a while so he'd re-gapped to 15thou and it cured his problem, maybe just luck or maybe something in it. I'm not in to the electrics side like you guys so trying to explain to me is wasting your time Laughing Laughing Laughing but I do read and try to take some of it in. Thanks.


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Re: Lister d Mag help needed.

Post by blackvanman on Wed Sep 19 2012, 19:40

nutgone wrote:Do you think the 150nF will do though??? I've probably got a bigger one knocking about, but will usually buy new if I can. Perhaps I should've gone for the 220nF???

I've got a couple of microwave oven caps as well, but I think they may be overkill lol!

personaly I'd go for the .22uf

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