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villiers wx11

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villiers wx11

Post by killroy on Sun Sep 30 2012, 22:17

how do i put the governor in the engine villiers wx11


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Re: villiers wx11

Post by stationary stu on Mon Oct 01 2012, 09:16

I think you need to talk to Kev, that's his engine up top. He has a knowledge of the Villiers engine, if he hasn't replyed in a few days try sending him a PM.


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stationary stu
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Re: villiers wx11

Post by kevjhnsn on Fri Oct 05 2012, 17:40

hi there
what is the number stamped on the side lip at top of the alloy bottom split crank to cylinder bore, ****wah ,wat, lzh, lzha , lzt ????
is yours a splithead or a blindhead like mine above ^^^^ ???
with HP is it ???
hopper or tank cooled???
please forward PM me your private email address
and will send you the only original info i have available for these engines
and if you send me pics of the bits your strugling with will email or/and post pics to forum and my reply so we all can see your progress and be on the web to help others in the future
email or call me if you need to on PM i sent you


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Re: villiers wx11

Post by Sponsored content

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