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Lister D timing. post moved to suitable section.

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Lister D timing. post moved to suitable section.

Post by stationary stu on Thu Dec 13 2012, 10:56

Lister D
Stingray Today at 6:21 am

.Good day all.
Hope all is well.

I am new to this forum, so dont know if this is the right place to post the following.

Message from new member Stingray (now moved to a suitable section)

I am busy restoring a Lister D.
The engine is now being painted.

Can someone please assist in how to set the ignition timing in detail, I have got no idea.
I never marked anything before I took the Engine apart.
Flywheel is also removed.

I realy want to save this Engine from being scraped.
I want to show this to my kids one day.

All help will be apriciated.

Good day to all.

Engines are just like Pringles .... one is never enough.  Very Happy                                        I used to love tractors all I would ever think/talk about. Then one day out of the blue I went on to statinary engines, So you could say I'm an extractor fan.
stationary stu
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