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Villiers mk15 4 stroke COIL???

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Villiers mk15 4 stroke COIL???

Post by jonmurley1 on Sat Jan 12 2013, 18:50

Hi guys im Jon from cornwall,
I recently got given a villiers engined howard bantam rotavator, it has a villiers mk 15 4 stroke engine on, it doesnt run so ive cleaned the points, but the coil looks like the original so i was looking for a replacement but cant find one anywhere i dont know the part number for the coil for this model engine, but the ones ive seen on ebay the measurements are not the same as the coil i removed.
Anyone else had this problem? any ideas? cheers guys Wink


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Re: Villiers mk15 4 stroke COIL???

Post by Foden on Sat Jan 12 2013, 20:47

You need to contact either George Shead at http://www.villiersparts.co.uk/ or John Cruse at http://www.themowercentrehailsham.com/5.html they will have them in stock. Replace the condensor at the same time, expect to pay around £60 for the coil though.


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Re: Villiers mk15 4 stroke COIL???

Post by stationary stu on Sun Jan 13 2013, 12:50

Hi Jon, unfortunatly there not a cheap item to replace but you could pay half there price for a secondhand one and it be the same as the one you have, so maybe worth buying new.

Take a look at this thread.



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Re: Villiers mk15 4 stroke COIL???

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