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British seagull outboard motors

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British seagull outboard motors

Post by RAB on Mon Feb 04 2013, 09:22

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me anything about British seagull outboard motors, ive got my eye on 3 just wondered if there was any interest in them on the rally field?



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Re: British seagull outboard motors

Post by stationary stu on Mon Feb 04 2013, 12:19

I've seen outboards shown at rallies, they sometime run them up in a tub of water. The old seagull motors bring good money.
Ask Matt (with boat) he should know something about that type of engine.


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stationary stu
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Re: British seagull outboard motors

Post by billypurves on Mon Feb 04 2013, 13:51

Hi Paul, There is a man shows one and two around here. Like Stu says he sets them up to run in a barrel of water. The Old Seagulls make a nice exhibit....plenty on the internet about them...Google is your friend.

Like everything a bit addictive as there are many different makers of outboards.

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A credit to the forum

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Re: British seagull outboard motors

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