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Wolseley WD2 With Godwin Pump

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Wolseley WD2 With Godwin Pump

Post by Hughesy on Sun Feb 17 2013, 18:18

Hello all

Today i decided i would mount the wolseley and godwin pump on a trolley.

The engine will be painted again in Red as i like the look of it in red and its different to the normal.

The pump im unsure whether to repaint it green or if to paint it red also.

The trolley shall be re varnished and tidied up.

Hope you all like it.

Many Thanks Lewis

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A credit to the forum
A credit to the forum

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Re: Wolseley WD2 With Godwin Pump

Post by nutgone on Sun Feb 17 2013, 22:40

OK, I see we have a dual post going on here, last time this happened to me on a forum I was the first one to reply, then everyone else decided to reply on the other thread, much to my annoyance (hopefully people on stationary engine forums have more sense than people on camping forums).

I was going to say....

It's a nice engine, I used to have a good friend who had one of these in red (with black lettering) & it looked really nice (I thought). I dunno if it was ever a Wolseley colour, but who cares? It looks good. cheers

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Re: Wolseley WD2 With Godwin Pump

Post by stationary stu on Mon Feb 18 2013, 12:14

I can see why there's 2 posts the same so I've deleted the other post. Lewis if you have a problem with this please contact me.

As for the engine I do like the colour make a nice change to see one in that shade of red. As for the pump I'd leave it green with the same red as engine to highlight the lettering. Lewis are you just putting a clear varnish on the trolley or are you going to stain it first? I think it would look best clear IMO.


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Re: Wolseley WD2 With Godwin Pump

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