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1928 low tank shafty restoration

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1928 low tank shafty restoration

Post by janner on Wed Apr 03 2013, 17:37

Hi all, here we go , another restoration to get on with, 1928 low tank shafty d to do this time, thankfully it is internally 100% so will be more of a cosmentic resto

Head off first

Showing the very little use since last restored

No bore wear at all, tbh I have never opened an engine up and seen the internals so good.

Here showing the valves after the rocker removed on the ricardo head , what is the plug/bung for ? never seen this before and cannot imagine why its there !!

This picture also shows how little it has run hance the lack of carbon build up, never had an engine that does not need a decoke when stripped !!!! Bonus Laughing

All the bits laid out ready for attention and storing away

Unfortunately the tank has suffered though as can be seen by previous owners attempts at salvaging the tank, going to have to have a new tank made for this now.

And a close up of the tanks repairs !! affraid

Will be asking questions along the way, colour choice etc i.e dark mbg or mbg , or have an idea of ruston mid bronze !!

Thanks Jon (Janner)

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Re: 1928 low tank shafty restoration

Post by matt86 on Wed Apr 03 2013, 20:03

Looks great condition .

But that tank has had a hard life by looks of the patches .


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Re: 1928 low tank shafty restoration

Post by stationary stu on Thu Apr 04 2013, 13:13

Looks to be in good nick for it's age, even if the tank my need replacing.

Good luck with it's restoration Jon.


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Re: 1928 low tank shafty restoration

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