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My new toy my jap 2a

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Re: My new toy my jap 2a

Post by Raymond_Hopwood on Tue Jul 02 2013, 18:27

kevjhnsn wrote:
Raymond_Hopwood wrote:
nutgone wrote:Here's a 5 inch V belt pulley pulley with A section groove....


This takes a 1610 taper-lock bush. This page lists the 1610 bushes with imperial bores....


The only trouble is these don't list a 13/16" bore bush, as it's not really a standard size. Is there any chance it's 7/8" bore? Or maybe something different? Ideally it needs to be measured with a micrometer, not a digital vernier. But if you do use a digital vernier make sure the zero is properly set & have another go. There probably is a 13/16" bush available somewhere, but not sure where.

As you can see from these prices, we're not talking big bucks here. The pulley is listed at £8.46 & the bush is just £3.17, even with VAT (not sure if that's included there or not) & postage we're probably talking around the 20 quid mark

The other thing to do would be to look out for a pulley with what they call "Pilot Bore", this will have a small hole through the centre & you would have to have the correct diameter bore machined out by someone with a lathe & possibly get a key-way blanched into it as well. Although you might get away with just a grub-screw to hold it on (boring out on a lathe is one thing, but getting a key-way blanched is more expensive as it requires more specialised machinery).

Hope this helps a little. If you can re-measure that shaft & post up your results (in inches or millimetres) maybe one of us could take a stab at the size. But even if it is 13/16" you'll probably find a bush somewhere, or you can get those bushes in metric, maybe that would be the way to go, just don't go one size bigger or the bush will split as you put it on, they are very brittle (as I learned to my cost Embarassed )

thanks nuts spent bout half hour between the 2 sites you gave me very confused with lots of numbers and pics and my kids screaming at me so thank for taking the time to look for me

ive finished making you a round fuel tank ,that dont have any leaks,Very Happy 
from that squashed and tapered to one end one that some nut bought for you Embarassed 
just finished your fuel tap yesterday ,found you a plunger for it ,honed it out, and the plunger ive been busy sripping it apart and fitting a new cork on
all you need is the little brass stop screw ,i cant find one to fit yours ,so leave you somthing to do there ray
fuel pipe end must be in your place as i have only one end and the fitting for the carb so the other must be in the bucket ,so i need it to solder onyour pipe so you can get polishing it

a up kev mate sorry not been down not been able to walk hardly for the last week will be down tomorrow hopefully if depending on how i feel hope all is well and i noticed yo put on some more about the tiny tim cant wait for a briefing and thank you for the work on my tank

lol! If at 1st you don't succeed hit it with a hammer. lol!
Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: My new toy my jap 2a

Post by kevjhnsn on Tue Jul 02 2013, 21:49

thought the mrs had give you concrete whelleys and took you for a short walk to the river bridge mate:D Very Happy 
just thought id let you know ,before the tank has rotted away with waiting:excited:   
and i found this little dinky fanbelt down the back of my workbench too:doh: :doh: 

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