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French Engine

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French Engine

Post by mm5aho on Sat Jun 29 2013, 19:34

While on holiday in France, (boat trip on canals rivers lakes etc across France), I cam across this interesting engine.

It seemed to be on display as a curiosity rather than a restored engine.
Would make an interesting project....



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Re: French Engine

Post by matt86 on Sat Jun 29 2013, 20:05

i have had alittle play with them before but not much as was not my engine ...

Matt harrington would have more of a idea he the expert on these !



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Re: French Engine

Post by kevjhnsn on Sat Jun 29 2013, 20:21

heres a video of the beast running



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Re: French Engine

Post by Foden on Sat Jun 29 2013, 20:36

I have one of those Bernard's in the garage somewhere awaiting treatment, mine is the W2 which I think is slightly smaller.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Too much to do, and so little time!!

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Re: French Engine

Post by nutgone on Sat Jun 29 2013, 22:47

I would love a Bernard engine. I saw one like that in a museum when I was over there back in 2010 (having a budget camping & driving holiday by myself for 5 weeks).

I also did a lot of French canals back in 2009, my dad & me brought his barge back from a place called Nevers, right down in the middle somewhere. Took us about 3 weeks of continuous cruising to get to Calais, where a licensed skipper joined us & got us across the channel & up to Graves End. What a trip that was, not really a holiday though, I never got a chance to look around much.

Quite envious all round, France is a fabulous country & their waterways are really good, still used quite heavily by commercial traffic, unlike ours which is a shame.

Hope you enjoyed yourself Geoff, & the weather was kind to you.

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Re: French Engine

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