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Taken on my dads toys

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Taken on my dads toys

Post by clare1010 on Mon Jul 01 2013, 14:18

Hi guys and girls iv just done up a lister d and loved geting my hands dirty but my pink boilersute dident go down so well its defo a good place to start,
Any way i have a another engine to do up over winter which was also my dads it was in a chest in bits when he got it and he rebuilt it but it never run right,
it was made in the U.S.A Make field brundige sold to Mclouds in Canada and then sold as a 1914 Mcloud open crank its 1.1/2 hp with horse shoe mag which needs looking at. 
At time of him buying this engine the history wasnt much but it was said only four to be known in Uk is this info still right? iv ask around looked on internet sites with not much luck allso asked at some rallys iv been too the responce has been a few eyebrows raised and some very blank faces so im thinking it must be rear any help or info or if one of you guys owns one and can give me some tips for my over winter restoration would be more then welcome.
will download some pics soon.
sadly my dad has been gone 13 years this year, his dream was to take this engine to blanford a big 5 day rally thay only like rare things hence having this engine sadly he never did get to go as the piging engine never run right (in his words lol) its 100 years old next year so im hopeing to get it all up an running for its 100 birthday and do blanford in memmory of my dad next year.
I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Re: Taken on my dads toys

Post by kevjhnsn on Mon Jul 01 2013, 16:28

hi there clare
and a very warm welcome to the forum from me
hope you enjoy on here with all the other engine nutters
nice to here from a lady engine collector ,few and far between but theres a few on here lurking
as for your dads chest box engine ???????
but im new to the american opencrank engine scene just added 2 to my collection over the last 12 mnths
but if you could post some pics from all angles of the engine
sure someone on here will know somthing of use about it
as with many early american engines ,one manufactor but many other brand names and models added to the same engine
or even shared parts with each other ect ect the likes of amanco ,associated ,economy ,united, bradford have the hole engine or just some castings all in common with each other for example
then theres stover ,empire, rock island engine all one engine with 3 makers names ect
sure the likes of bill or jonesey will know somthing as there into the rarer usa engines ect

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