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Norman info wanted!

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Norman info wanted!

Post by EarlBathurst on Thu Aug 15 2013, 20:35

Hi all, i've just aquired this Norman and being as i know absolutely nothing about them i was wondering if anyone could shed a little light on it for me?! As to age useage it has a charger with it, etc, etc.
it was stored on a estate farm for 20+ years in near new condition and all that has been done is a pair of HT leads , i put fuel in the carb two swings of the handle and she was away !!

On the engine plate it reads Type T300,
2 WUST7304

On the charging set it reads 1260 Watt Lighting and Battery Charging Set Mark 2
Many thanks,karl.

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A true Stationary engine owner

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Re: Norman info wanted!

Post by janner on Thu Aug 15 2013, 21:06

What a cracking set and a home here awaits should you ever sell it ! its a mk2 version with the wico impulse mag and very original features too, very nice and very jealous


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Re: Norman info wanted!

Post by Joost Hilders on Wed Aug 06 2014, 05:57

Hi Janner,

Do you have more information at the moment?
I have a similair generatorset using a T600.
When i look at your pictures, i can heartly see the difference between your T300 and my T600, except for the size of the cylinders.
Maybe the engineblock of T300 and T600 does not differ that much, ie the design, maybe the size, but can't see that on the picture.
Are there no other identification plates on the set, mine says "Auto Diesels Ltd".
I am very interested in your progress by now.

regards, Joost
The Netherlands

Joost Hilders

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Re: Norman info wanted!

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