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Lister D help

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Lister D help

Post by silverfox on Sat Sep 07 2013, 16:23

Hello everyone

Just when I thought thing were going well the mag chain fell to pieces.... the D had just fired up as well for the first time since I got it. Now my problem, I have ordered a new chain. I cannot find any timing mark on the fly wheel face! Just to add the key way on the shaft is is directly opposite to the key way on the fly wheel. At some point in the past a hole has been drilled and threaded and a bolt now holds the fly wheel in place. Any ideas how I can reset the once the new chain arrives?


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Born to be wild

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Re: Lister D help

Post by fowlerfan on Sat Sep 07 2013, 18:33

You should be able to find a mark like a lightning bolt on the flywheel crown, you may need to polish it up with emery. It will be around about the point where TDC is reached. This is the timing mark.
Cheers Dave
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Re: Lister D help

Post by janner on Sat Sep 07 2013, 20:18

just get a piece of stout wire and bend it to fit in the plug hole and face downwards, rotate the flywheel till you feel the wire start pushing upwards and when you feel it stop moving then you have found tdc, set the timing to that and she'll be fine. Dont like the sound of the key way mod though !!!!


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Re: Lister D help

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