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Lucas mag. problem.

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Lucas mag. problem.

Post by gyros on Fri Sep 20 2013, 19:53

I have recently acquired a Ruston and Hornsby PT. The mag that came with it is a Lucas RS1. The problem is that the mag sparks but in the opposite direction to the arrow on the case which means that when it's mounted on the engine it rotates the wrong way and obviously won't fire. Does anyone know if the mags were produced for clockwise or anti clockwise operation or am I missing something blindingly obvious. If I am i'll blame it on my Parkinsons-I blame everything else on it!!!!
Many thanks


I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Re: Lucas mag. problem.

Post by chrismac on Fri Sep 20 2013, 20:54

Hi, I do know that they are relatively easy to change  he cam round in the points end to change the direction of the rotation of spark, you will need to be sure that this is the problem before switching it round.


I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Re: Lucas mag. problem.

Post by old oil on Sat Sep 21 2013, 16:02

Hi Chris, By the sound of your post your mag has been altered to run in the opposite direction.
It is quite easy to change back. In the stationary engine mag (December 2004) is a two page article of how to change the direction, I am sure the S,E,M will have back copies for sale at a knock down price.
hope this is of some help.
regards tony

old oil

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Re: Lucas mag. problem.

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