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Yet another Petter A1

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Yet another Petter A1

Post by Porteous on Sat Sep 21 2013, 17:58

Hello all;
          I'm a member of a tractor and engine club but the engine faction won't talk to me 'cos I have a tractor. In an effort to conform I have, today,  acquired a nice little Petter A1 petrol ( 2HP Ser. No. 1506229 ) from a local chap who is clearing his garage. The engine is surprisingly original and looks unmolested from new (1951-54? About the same age as my 1953 Fordson Major.). Someone has given it a well trolley and it was both free turning and showing compression when I looked at it.

The chap I bought it from had never run is and the fuel tank was, not surprisingly, empty. I cleaned out the filter bowl, checked the oil and swung is a few times decompressed to lubricate things. A little surprised when she started on the first swing! A little fuel leaking from the fuel tap and the carb, but hardly surprising. It is actually in such good order cosmetically that I hesitate to repaint it.

All I need now is something for it to do.

Sorry about the photos, I have posted the http URls from Flickr, but that doesn't seem to work, I suspect I need to wait 7 days?


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