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lister b type

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lister b type

Post by james d type on Sun Sep 22 2013, 17:22

hi im new on here.i just woundered if anyone could help me with a few problems.i have two lister d types which i have no problem with but i have just aquired a lister B type.few bits missing.does anyone know if the valves are the same on both the a type and b type.my b type is missing one valve and a valve spring plus a few other bits.i know the hooper is different but are the rest of the components the same on both engines.i hope some one can help.

james d type

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Re: lister b type

Post by matt86 on Sun Sep 22 2013, 19:28

i have a A type , but never played with a B type so i can not help but if have any other problems i can try and help .



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Re: lister b type

Post by joegrgraham on Sun Sep 22 2013, 19:30

Stationary engine parts (www.stationaryengineparts.com) sell valves and springs for the B type.

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Re: lister b type

Post by AnotherBigAl on Wed Nov 27 2013, 22:08

I believe the correct IP for Stationary Engine Parts is now www . stationary engine parts. com / home . php. (Please delete all the gaps. As a new member I am not allowed to post external links).The one in joegrgraham's post didn't work for me,


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Born to be wild

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Re: lister b type

Post by Villiers on Wed Nov 27 2013, 23:26

Try this link...


Although they only list an A valve, would need to measure the one you have to make sure it would fit.

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Re: lister b type

Post by Sponsored content

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