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Flywheel fitting.

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Flywheel fitting.

Post by TomCat on Sat Sep 28 2013, 20:41

It will soon be time to refit the flywheel to my Wolseley WD2. So I have a few 'maybe' silly questions before I do something daft....
I have cleaned the shaft and the flywheel slides on nice and smoothly when a bit of oil is applied. I understand that tapers are fitted dry, but straight shafts are a new one on me.... so.
1) Do I fit the flywheel wet or dry, by wet I mean oily. Or should I degrease the shaft and put the wheel on without anything between it and the shaft?
2) How do I fit the jib key and how tight should it be.... Do I give it a good old hammer whack or just a light tap to seat it. Also should I give it some lube in the key way as well or is it fitted wet or dry?
3) How far from the bearing housing should the back of the flywheel be?


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Re: Flywheel fitting.

Post by matt86 on Sat Sep 28 2013, 21:12

fit flywheel dry not too oily , but a squirt of wd40 , gt85 or a oil like that would help when sliding flywheel onto the crank , gib key fitted dry and tap in with a hammer and a punch but needs to be in tight so dont pussy foot around with it .



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Re: Flywheel fitting.

Post by Villiers on Sat Sep 28 2013, 21:28

Not saying Matt is wrong but I always grease the shaft on my engines, plus a smear on the key on all sides, never had one work loose yet in over 30 years, as for how tight for the key, I drive mine in with a small hammer until it doesn't move any more then give it 2 hard blows with the 2lbs hammer and a drift. gap from bearing needs to be no more than 1/4 inch, you should be able to see where the flywheel was by looking at the crankshaft as the area that the flywheel was fitted too will be a different colour.

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Re: Flywheel fitting.

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