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Coventry Climax FWM (745cc) engines

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Coventry Climax FWM (745cc) engines

Post by specialbuilder on Sun Oct 06 2013, 18:20

Hello all,
I have been given one of the above and am in the process of putting it in car trim for my Austin 7 Special.

It is a little jewel of an engine and deserves to be used where people can see it and enjoy it.

My problem is that I can't find any real details about them.
I can find endless info. on the far better known FW in FWP, FWA, B and E forms as pumps and gen-sets and racing engines, but it's smaller baby brother, the FWM, the fore-runner of the Hillman Imp engine, is a nightmare for information.

Obviously I need to know about timing, dizzy springs, oil capacities and types, valve clearances, plugs and points. All the stuff that makes an engine work!

What I am doing, more for the record than anything else, is measure and draw everything in great detail. This will help with the making of replacement parts and ultimately to produce a parts list/manual. As an ex technical illustrator and tech. author, for me, that's the easy bit!

Does anyone know of any discussion groups that might cover these little jewels? Apart from this one of course.



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