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Stuart R2, choking

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Stuart R2, choking

Post by roboherb on Sun Nov 10 2013, 20:36

Hi All

Just joined here, so my first post. I guess you could say I am returning to stationary engines after a long break. Owned many lister, petter, wolseley, Fairbanks morse etc. Started big and got bigger (10hp Petter Attomic) Now starting again on a much smaller (and easier to move) scale lol

So, with the experiences I have, I should be able to start a simple Stuart? Well, it starts first time! But do you think I can find the choke on this thing? Its a brass Stuart carb, and guessing it is something to do with the end with the holes around, few notches and a register. I've tried winding it in and out, but doesn't seem to change it. Apart from the smoke from the exhaust, it oils the plug up after a few mins run

Anyone with any advice please? Only got the old girl today, but pleased.



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