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villiers wx11 projects number 5

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villiers wx11 projects number 5

Post by kevjhnsn on Sat Dec 14 2013, 04:45

heres some pics of what i will be calling un-looky number 5
all wasnt as exspected with this one
so after a bath or two of the casings and all other parts this is when the worm turned on this one
one new bearing needed ,so both in the scrap bin ,as one gone means other soon will follow it ,so two new ones were already in stock just in case  Smile so were used  to get it up to this point

the governors were also shot when cleaned up
so looky i had a set i got off ebay earlyer in the year  knackers are in the box and good ones are in behind the new bearings and in sight of this pic in the round hole  Smile  were also the cover was warped and twisted beyond  a salvagable state so also in the scrap box

then the new piston rings that came with it didnt fit the bore
and there were no bushes in the piston and found one in the tins that was knackered as was the gudgeon pin also in pics

so when the guy sold it to me saying he bought as a stripped ready to clean paint and re-build ,im thinking this was the donner with all the knackered bits stuck in , not the good one as he mentioned earlyer  affraid  Shocked 
so know its off to the machine shop for bushes and out with the wallet for £50 worth of rings and then the dead coil and condenser £84.00
and so on  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad this was supposed to be the cheaper, easy one to to do  gutted


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