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Lister D 1200rpm - 2 1/4 Hp

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Lister D 1200rpm - 2 1/4 Hp

Post by wdf on Sun Mar 09 2014, 18:57

When I did my rebuild I replaced the original springs with some 1000 rpm ones... but they seemed a lot stretchier than the originals.. from the split pins it was clear they were indeed original, and from the state of the bolts, seal etc. and muck inside it was original from 1945...

Today I was bored and replaced the new ones with the originals... and am now putting out exactly 1200rpm..... (so 2 1/4 HP??)

This is in my 1945 crop sprayer. (see pics from my previous posts.)

Given that I am 100% sure they are original and it had lasted this long (it was in regular use from 1945 up until 3 years ago) I will leave them in place.

Anyone got any clues or ideas that anyone else has ever found these?

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