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Wood gasification

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Wood gasification

Post by Hairyloon on Wed Apr 02 2014, 10:48

I've heard, and seen (on TV) various things about running an engine on wood (or coal) gas: gas produced by incomplete combustion.  I've been meaning to have a go, so I was wondering if anyone here had ever tried it.
I understand it was quite a common practice during, and post war, when petrol was in short supply, and many of our engines hearken from that kind of era.

Any thoughts on what sort of engine would best suit it?

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: Wood gasification

Post by pjjms on Fri Apr 04 2014, 02:44

Lots on you tube about it. Power will be significantly down but for a show engine that won't matter. From what I have seen it's not hard to do and I think well suited to vintage engines.

On a side note I saw a 6mW furnace go bang a few years back. It had been over fuelled and turned into a big gasification plant. Did a lot of damage. The gas sure doe's have some energy in it. Don't think there is the volume in an engine sized unit for that to happen.

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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