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Villiers MK12 governor adjustment

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Villiers MK12 governor adjustment

Post by Mr Blackstock on Mon May 05 2014, 11:00


I have been using my "Farmer's Boy" rotary hoe fitted with a Villiers MK12 for a few weeks now. There seems to be no user manual, or information about adjusting the governor spring. The problem is when I am "hoeing" the engine wants to stall unless I help it along by lifting the handle.

Is this normal for a 60 year rotary hoe? Or does the carb need a little work? I have put the governor spring into different holes on the brass arm to see if this affects the engine torque to little affect.

What can I adjust to get more grunt when the dirt gets deep?

Cheers, Gareth
Mr Blackstock
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Born to be wild

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