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Lister D and generator

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Lister D and generator

Post by callum12 on Sat Jun 07 2014, 00:23

Hi all,
I have got a generator from a lancaster bomber, its made by H.A brushes. the spec plate it says it will give me 1500w (1.5kw) at 24v, this works out at 62ish amps, I don't know what rpm will give me these figures. I will be running it as a charging set, with a lucas 12v regulator that charges a battery. i'll be running the battery because the generator probably would self excite, at a higher RPM but i don't think it does at lister speed.
being as its charging a battery and i will be drawing current from the battery and not directly from the generator, surely i could draw what ever amperage, wattage the battery can handle? just as long as the generator can keep up to stop the battery from going flat while not overloading my Lister.
so any advice on generators and what i can expect with this generator would be great,
thank you,

callum  Very Happy 
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