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Hartop H information, history required.

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Hartop H information, history required.

Post by NoelA on Sat Jun 07 2014, 21:33

Could somebody tell me a little about these engines or point me to some information, I might be restoring one but need to find out if it is worth restoring.
Thanks Noel

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: Hartop H information, history required.

Post by matt86 on Sun Jun 08 2014, 11:43

most engines are worth restoring these hardtops can fetch a few £100 ask matt h he has one on here .


Reproduction amanco silencers made , contact me for details


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H type Hartop

Post by Gaudin98 on Thu Aug 21 2014, 08:06

I have just restored an H type and a M type. The H type was quite well made all be it of poor design but the M type was badly designed and badly made. I have never come across an engine built with the studs a size under the holes they fit through and no locating flanges on the rear cover, governor housing or cylinder block.  You just flop it all around on the big clearances till it all lines up and bolt it up, very poor. Most of the studs are 5/16'' and the holes are 3/8''. Still I suppose that's why they where only £8.00 when new.


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Re: Hartop H information, history required.

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