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Lister D Starting and Running, the Cuts Out!

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Lister D Starting and Running, the Cuts Out!

Post by The Listy Lad on Tue Jun 10 2014, 21:19

Hey Guys,

I am currently having issues with my Lister D.

I got it running yesterday for the first time in 10 years and it ran well for a while, but after about 3 minutes, it cuts out, just like I am stopping it and also if I wiggle the governor, and also hold the air button down it splutters back into life.

The timing is all correct and so is points gap etc so I think it is not getting the fuel. The engine also races up after startup but then runs, or sometimes cuts out.

I am thinking about taking the carb apart tomorrow and cleaning it and putting on a new gasket to see if it cures it but if you guys have any ideas tell me because it could be a problem.

I unstuck a valve the other day by twisting the T pin on top of the valve and it sprung up and now it has full compression!.

If you guys have any ideas why it is not getting fuel please tell me as I am wanting to stop it cutting out.

It maybe also worn mentioning that the stop of the mixture wheel has worn away and so it can rotate and spin out of the engine.

I took it out and it looks sharp at the end and not worn.

I have another carb but it does not run as the butterfly's are gone but I think the mixture needle might be alright! Smile

Should I cut this out and put it in or what other suggestions do you guys have to rectify it as I want to get it ready for showing in August! Smile

Luke Smile

The Listy Lad
I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Re: Lister D Starting and Running, the Cuts Out!

Post by astrocreep2000 on Tue Jun 10 2014, 21:40

Is the breather hole in the petrol tank lid clear ? If its not it can create a vacuum in the tank and not let the fuel out. Rob.


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Re: Lister D Starting and Running, the Cuts Out!

Post by Darryl Ovens on Wed Jun 11 2014, 01:37

I can't remember if those are a suction lift or gravity to a float valve and float chamber?  In addition to the cap vent, if of the float type, check you are getting a good flow of fuel at the carb.  Modern fuels have a bad tendency to gum up the tank tap, strainer,float valve and sometimes even the pipe! if left for awhile, (10 years will easily do it).  There should be a constant stream rather than slower ie individual drips.

Incidentally with petrol engines at the end of a season drain the tank and run the engine till it stops, to get as much fuel out of the system as you can.  Then next season when you put fresh fuel in it will be so much easier to start on fresh fuel.
Pays to turn the tap off and let it run out, even if it's only to be standing for a few days.  It's amazing how quick modern fuel can go stale in the carb, now when you go to start it, it has some relatively fresh fuel in there.  Plus old petrol does nasty things with diecast, (muckmetal), over time.


Darryl Ovens

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Re: Lister D Starting and Running, the Cuts Out!

Post by Foden on Wed Jun 11 2014, 10:05

Are you simply running it too lean? Open the mixture control fully to start it, it should black smoke, then just turn it down until the smoke JUST stops and try it there. Often they will run for a while and then suddenly stop, just opening the control a click or two will usually remedy it.


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Re: Lister D Starting and Running, the Cuts Out!

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