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Petter W1H Piston

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Petter W1H Piston

Post by Rad on Sun Jun 15 2014, 06:46

Hi Guys!
           I am in the process of restoring  a Petter W1H engine. Before removing the head and barrel the engine would run with some oil added around the piston but had very high crankcase pressure. I was surprised to find the cylinder in good condition,but the piston had signs of been cleaned up with emery cloth or similar. I suspect that this was a seized motor from standing and the wrong piston has been added. The cylinder barrel is 85mm (3.3315") the piston 84.95mm (3.32") giving about .007 thou piston clearance which seems a bit excessive to me. Basically this engine looks identical to the the Petter A1 with a water hopper on top, but the A1 has a different size bore of 3.149". So does anyone know of any other Petter model that uses the 85mm (3.3315") bore so that I can source a replacement piston as I can't find any specs for the W1H. Any info will be appreciated.
                                                                                                        Cheers,  Rad.


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Re: Petter W1H Piston

Post by blue cat on Sun Jun 15 2014, 19:41

I have an alloy piston from a Petter A1. It is 3.325" diameter. Send me a message if you are interested in it.
Used alloy pistons nearly always show some vertical score marks on the piston sides.

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blue cat
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A credit to the forum

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