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Villiers Carby (Die No. 10024A):Interaction between the shafts

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Villiers Carby (Die No. 10024A):Interaction between the shafts

Post by Technomaniac on Wed Jun 18 2014, 02:58

Hello All....
I have recently acquired a 5KVA lighting plant with 'Villiers D45 753YR - 082' stamped on the motor ID plate, and Die No. 10024A
moulded into the carburettor. I have filled the hole in the carby bowl with DEVCON and on assembling I noticed that the timing of the choke and throttle shafts etc is all done through cams etc, and the current state of the interaction seems to be incorrect. There is a plastic cam on the choke shaft which has a split on the shaft boss and it may have been able to rotate on its shaft. I would like to see a photo of that side of the carby to confirm my suspicions and see the rest position of the various bits. This unit has an Australian Alternator and I saw somewhere on the net that this D45 engine was the largest ever made by Villiers. If I had some service information on the carby or a photo with the flaps in the idle positions the engine stands a better chance of working sensibly when I put it back together. Can anyone help?

I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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