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Lister identification help

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Lister identification help

Post by koshy on Sat Jul 12 2014, 09:46

Hello there. I'm new to this forum, and I'd really appreciate some help.

Recently my grandfather gave me a large Lister diesel engine, used in the shearing shed on his property, years before he bought the place. I've always been interested in these marvellous machines but I have no knowledge of engine mechanics. I would really like some help identifying the engine. Due to the position of the engine in the shed and the lighting conditions, I cannot see some of the details. I'll try and attach some photographs. I looked up the patent number and it dated to 1928.

The flywheels are seized which is quite disappointing. I would really like to get this going.


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Re: Lister identification help

Post by NoelA on Sat Jul 12 2014, 18:01

I couldn't see the image.

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Re: Lister identification help

Post by Villiers on Sat Jul 12 2014, 18:58

That is a C/S Lister, what size it is I don't know but I would guess as a 5/1 or a 6/1 these are the more common size and are in fact the same engine just different running speeds. There should be a brass plate round the back under all the grime on the inspection cover with the engine number, Spec number and maybe hp.
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Re: Lister identification help

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