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Chalmers Edina Pump Set

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Chalmers Edina Pump Set

Post by themotman on Thu Aug 14 2014, 21:28

Hi everyone i have been asked to bid on a Chalmers Edina gear driven pump set 2.5 hp early 1940s i would think,has been painted and was in good running order when left hidden in a scrap yard 12 years ago.A understand this is a Bradford engine but cannot find a mention or picture of a pump set by either maker to base a bid on.Any thoughts or info anyone would be great   Steve


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Re: Chalmers Edina Pump Set

Post by StewartH on Fri Aug 15 2014, 09:48

Hello Squire - the only info I can get is from http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Chalmers-Edina where they state the majority of engines were brought in and packaged as their own - so you could be looking at a Bradford Gas Engine Co of the UK (although they have a USA connection as well) and Bradford were known to have built engines for Amanco, Ogle, Avon, Walsh and Clark, Chalmers-Edina and others ...

So in terms of bidding - you could have a rare beast so a few hundrwed pounds might be in order - perhaps close to £800 if i was to hazard a guess if in good condition....

p.s I have no idea of the engine you are bidding on so I'm not trying to get you to raise your bid Smile


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A credit to the forum

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Re: Chalmers Edina Pump Set

Post by blue cat on Fri Aug 15 2014, 18:25

For a Bradford badged Chalmers Edina pump set as you describe the maximum value would be around £500 in good condition. If its been left outside for 12 years then the mag (probably a Wico EK) will be nacked so knock off £150-200 to repair that. If the scrapyard has a well known dark beer in its name you will not get anything cheap from them.

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blue cat
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Re: Chalmers Edina Pump Set

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