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Newbie, Needs some Vincent Help!

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Newbie, Needs some Vincent Help!

Post by gijsen on Sat Aug 23 2014, 02:01

Hello All,

Newbie to the forum, looking for anyone the has any information on the elusive 75cc 2 Stroke Vincent motor that went in the Amanda Water Scooter. Always been looking for a Vincent project and since the budget would not allow for a Rapide, I ended up with a Amanda Project. Hull is in good shape but will need work to get it back to original. I just freed up the piston last night after what I presume has been at least 20-30 years, otherwise in good shape. I think the next and maybe only part I currently need is a set of points. If anyone has any info they can share, I would greatly appreciate it. I have reviewed the Vincent posts currently here.

Thanks in advance!



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