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Petter PU8 information

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Petter PU8 information

Post by Beansy79 on Fri Oct 31 2014, 12:22

Hi I have recently acquired a Petter PU8 and was looking for some information regarding the setting of the mag timing (there is a BTH MC2 mag fitted) as at present it is backfiring when cranked, there doesnt appear to be any timing marks on either the engine or magneto, also would anyone no where I can obtain a handbook for this engine as I've strugglued to find any information on it via the internet.

Finally does anyone know of a stationary engine club that I could join that is local to me (I live in Cwmbran in South Wales)

Any help that could be shed on the above would be gratefully appreciated

Many thanks



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Re: Petter PU8 information

Post by blue cat on Sun Nov 02 2014, 08:47

It will be timed like any other engine, with the magneto points opening about 5 degrees before top dead centre. Make sure you are setting the timing on the correct cylinder though ! I seem to recall that there are timing marks on the flywheel, but you might need to remove the tin cowl to see them. It will look like a letter M with an arrow through it.

Instruction wall chart here:
But you'll need to sign in to Internal Fire web site first.

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