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Post by StewartH on Mon Nov 10 2014, 14:07

Hello Good people,

Alongside a siezed lister d I am helping restore we have a large B.E.N Patents compressor to bring back to life - the compressor is fine - its the motor that needs remagnetisation - I see plenty of magneto repair options on the supplier page but was wondering if anyone in the Hampshire/ Guildford area knows of anyone locally who knows the dark arts or remagnetising old lumps of iron....

Its a very large vintage motor (only 2HP though) so posting off to Bristol is out of the question....

Any suggestions gladl;y taken before I attach a high voltage/ amp battery charger to it....... I really should stop watching vids on YouTube!

Problem is i need a compressor to repair the compressor so i can use it on the siezed lister d Smile



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A credit to the forum

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