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stuart carb

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stuart carb

Post by spanneritse on Fri Nov 14 2014, 08:53

I acquired a rusty lump that was once a stuart turner P5 (i refuse to call it an engine YET!!) which had been lying in a shed for 38 years without the spark plug, after maximum waste of natural resources, GAS! gallons of wully dan, various weights of hammers, and a lot of words that shouldn't be repeated unless some folks have there fingers in there ears, now its back together turning free, BUT, no carb, I have a carb of a P55 and wondering (which i do a lot of, especially am I going nuts) if it will do on the P5, maybe some one could advise me I could butcher it to fit but not sure about the jet, all hints welcome,,apart of going to see a doctor, I hear enough of that from the wife,,,,kenny

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Born to be wild

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