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Villiers MK engine production date / manufactor serial nr's

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Villiers MK engine production date / manufactor serial nr's

Post by villiersmk10 on Sun Nov 30 2014, 22:12

Hello All,

Can anyone help me, and a lot of other villiers engine lovers to discover the production date from there engine by the serial nr.
Does someone have this information or know were this information can be found you helping al lot of villiers lovers.

I know that by the villiers mk10 serie the production date olso is printed in the edge of the flyweel

( Mine villiers mk10 engine - serial nr. 347A120928D - flywheel nr. ..... 12/53 ) 1953

I know that the Villiers MK10 is made from the early 40's to late 60's and have more different
types of mk10

You can found a lot of information about this engines on the internet from nut to technical data,
but Nowhere on the internet you can found information or a list from production dates or manufactor serial dates
were poeple can found ther production dates......

If any one have this information, please share it.

A villiers Lover... Smile


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